About IFIE (Interactive Forum on Indian Economy)

Intractive Forum on Indian economy (IFIE) is Government of India recognized (80G, 12A compliant). A non-profitable company dedicated for the development and welfare of women and children of rural India including 115 Aspirational districts promoting the values of Mahatma Gandhi a father of indian nation of the world.

IFIE owns monthly media magazine Power Corridors publishes in ‘Hindi’ and ‘English’ language from New Delhi also own a new digital portal A Panchayati Times . The foundation currently headed by Nandan Jha was created in 2011.

IFIE organized Champions of Change Awards, an Indian award program for promoting Gandhian values , (Swachata),  community service and social development including Indian Aspirational district selected by top constitutional juri members headed by justice K. G. Balakrishnan (Former Chief Justice of India and Former Chairman NHRC).



1. Malnutrition Work focusing 115 Aspirational districts in india and slums in metro city.

 2. Education, Healthcare for Rural development.

 3. Development and Welfare of Women and Children including 115 Aspirational districts.

 4. Swatch Bharat Abhiyan.

5. Shelter for poor.

6.  Medical camp.

 7. Family planning program.

 8. Skill training for rural and urban unemployed.

 9. Advocating Children’s Rights.

10.  Creches for children of working and ailing mothers.

11.  Sponsorship for School Education of under-privileged children.

12.  Projectsl for Street and Working children.

13.  Programme with special focus on the girl child.

We are an Indian non-profit organization that supports good causes and make positive change in society.

Our Mission

To accelerate the capability and talent that each young person has to bring about a change in their lives and in the society for the betterment of the country.

Our Vission

The Globian Fund for Charities seeks positive change around the world through support of non-profit organizations dedicated to social, cultural.

Our Values

  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Personal service

Supported by brands.

Some of the prestigious brands support us to give the mankind and provide assistance to continue noble cause.